Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to register my social media account?

What information we ask?

We ask all our users to verify their account with at least one social media account. We always ask the most basic information possible from your social media account. We do not ask permissions to share your contacts or any other detailed information other than the basic profile information.

Why is it good for me?

It's convenient! The social media account makes it easier for you to log in to this site. You don't need to remember another password and you can use your familiar social media account to authenticate yourself in the system.

Also it's about security! Authorizing yourself with a personal social media account is more personal and assures that users are not sharing their account and login information with third parties and thus help to make sure data privacy is not compromised.

Why is it good for us?

By connecting your social media account we as site owners have additional assurance that your account will not be shared lightly with third parties. This helps us keep better track of each user's permissions and make sure any data access restrictions are not compromised. Also it's about business. The costs related to usage of this software to the owner of the site as well as some of the users of the site are directly related to number of user accounts. So making sure account login information is not shared with colleagues is also a business policy.

What if there is no social media that I use?

We allow connecting your account with most of the major social media sites. Also we will add any relevant social media sites that are important to our customers. Please write us and let us know if you wish us to add some additional social media channel for authentication. We will then consider it and if it seems a relevant channel - make it work for the site.